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Americas: Kashi offers five nutritious breakfast options


Kashi launches five all organic and non-genetically modified organism Project Verified breakfast products that are grounded in blends of whole grains, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

The company’s organic Overnight Muesli makes the hearty texture and flavor of overnight oats accessible to anyone.

Consumers have to open the cup, soak the muesli in their favorite milk alternative, refrigerate and enjoy breakfast in the morning.

Packed with whole grains such as barley and rye and super fruits and seeds such as tangy cherries, crunchy pepitas and chia, it comes in three flavors: Cherry Cinnamon & Cardamom, Sunflower & Pepita, and Cacao Nib Almond & Coconut.

Kashi’s Organic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine cereal is made with organic sweet potatoes harvested in the rich soils of North Carolina.

It delivers the nutritional power of superfood sweet potatoes – an excellent source of Vitamin A – to a whole-grain flake cereal.

Its other three products are:

•Kashi Organic Promise Sprouted Grains Cereal, which is packed with organic sprouted grains such as wheat, spelt and amaranth.

•Kashi Organic Promise Granola pairs ancient grains with superfoods like flax seed and coconut in Cranberry Spelt and Flax, and Cocoa Coconut with Kamut Khorasan wheat.

•Kashi Organic Chewy Granola and Seed Bars offer zings of ginger, blueberries and dark chocolate chunks.

They are made with a plant-based blend of 100% whole grains, fruits, nuts and super seeds.

New Kashi products are now available at grocers and natural food retailers in the US.