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Asia Pacific: Korea’s Sunkist smoothies packed in cartons with fruit bits


Korean producer Haitai Beverage launches two Sunkist brand premium smoothies in the aseptic carton pack combiblocMini 200 ml using the drinksplus technology.

Part of the ‘My Real Smoothie’ range, the drinks are available in apple/mango with apple bits, and strawberry with peach bits.

The pieces of fruit give the smoothies texture and authenticity, and offer an unusual drinking experience, says SIG Combibloc.

With the market launch of these smoothies, Haitai Beverage is introducing Korea to another premium product in the new product category of drinksplus products with perceptible added value.

In late 2014, the company Dr Chung’s Food got the ball rolling in the country with an ultra-high temperature soy drink with apple mango juice that also contains bits of nata de coco and peach.

“The bits of fruit emphasize the high-quality, natural character of our smoothies,” says Seo Jun Oh, deputy brand manager at Haitai Beverage.

“Consumers notice them immediately, because the combination of premium juices and bits of real fruit produces a completely new drinking sensation.”

“The unusual product texture is best experienced when the beverage is drunk through a straw. The straws have a large, 6 mm in diameter, so the smoothies can be enjoyed with an even consistency.”

Using drinksplus technology from SIG Combibloc, manufacturers can aseptically fill products with up to 10% natural particulate content in carton packs with standard filling machines for beverages.

To make drinksplus products such as the new Sunkist smoothies, the SIG Combibloc standard filling machines for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks are fitted with an upgrade set.

The easy-to-install ‘drinksplus kit’ includes valves, valve stems and filling nozzles that are tailor-made to ensure an ideal product flow when filling innovative beverages containing particulates.

Individual bits can be up to 6 mm in length and width.