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Europe: Multivac displays packaging solutions at Anuga FoodService


Multivac will exhibit a range of packaging machines at Anuga Foodservice from October 10 to 14, 2015, in Cologne, Germany.

It will showcase the following:

– Compact R 085 model of thermoforming machine for the hospitality industry and the take-away market.

This machine is suitable for both packaging sliced products and individual items, and is able to process flexible and rigid films. It can be ordered with four standard format designs.

The R 085 allows vacuum packs and those with inert gas to be manufactured, extending product shelf life.

– Semiautomatic T 200 traysealer for tray-based packaging.

The compact model is mobile, suitable for flexible use, and supports rapid format changes using replaceable tools.

All parameters can be saved as a recipe, ensuring packaging outcomes can be reproduced and remain reliable.

– C 200 compact table-top machine for vacuum packaging in film pouches.

The entry-level model is suitable for packaging small batches and small products respectively, and its compact dimensions make it particularly flexible to use.

Featuring automatic, progressive ventilation, the packaging process proceeds particularly gently.

To package soft, liquid or sensitive foodstuffs, parameters such as sealing pressure and sealing temperature are easy and quick to set using the membrane keyboard.

The C 200 can also be used for manufacturing modified atmosphere packs.

With a stainless steel design and the systematic integration of the Multivac Hygienic Design, the compact models can be easily cleaned.

At the show, the company will set up a demonstration kitchen used for presenting Mylar COOK, a packaging concept for preparing packaged foodstuffs in the oven.

This allows products to be prepared hygienically and safely – whether meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, ready-made meals or baked goods.

Mylar COOK provides a central meal preparation and packaging point, and the oven does not need cleaning following preparation.

It also offers a consistent meal quality prepared by non-skilled personnel.