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Europe: Baumer unveils optical sensors with SmartReflect

Baumer Group releases 0300 and 0500 optical NextGen sensors with IO-Link for the sensor principles to diffuse mode sensor with background suppression and SmartReflect (the light barrier without a reflector).

The IO-Link interface facilitates the rapid startup of systems through the automated transmission of various parameters such as sensing distance accurate to the millimeter, light or dark operate, or switching points.

In addition, the new Baumer filter functions guarantee the safe and reliable detection of difficult objects, for example those with holes.

Through the option of automatically changing the locking times of the sensors, these sensors offers user-specific functional reliability.

With two filter functions, the sensors are also suitable for difficult detection tasks.

The first filter function delays the response and/or the release time of the sensor.

For example, this function makes it possible to reliably detect objects with small holes or also others on conveyor belts with holes.

The second filter function makes it possible to set a minimum pulse length, thus facilitating the detection of small, narrow, fast objects.

Here, the sensor lengthens very short switching signals until the minimum pulse length is reached for the controller in question, which can then further process the switching signals reliably.

A further special feature of Baumer is the increased functional reliability of the sensors.

With the qTeach procedure, optical NextGen sensors have a standard locking time.

This protects the sensors from unintentional manual manipulation. This locking time can be individually set or changed, depending on everyday production requirements.

IO-Link also offers the option of efficiently using the diagnostics features integrated in the optical NextGen sensors.

Information about soiling or signal quality can be retrieved directly and used to optimize system availability (e.g. through preventive maintenance) and productivity.