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Americas: Flint Group introduces water-based lamination ink

Flint Group launches PremoLam F, a water-based lamination ink system for the North America packaging market.

The water-based lamination system is formulated without migratory plasticizers.

It is designed to perform on a wide variety of films by adhesive lamination in snack food packaging, stand-up pouches, food packaging, and laminated packages.

Designed for applications that require bond strengths of more than 200 bs/in, PremoLam F works synergistically with the solvent or SAL adhesive to provide a consistent bond for end product.

It provides high bond strengths on polyester substrate constructions and is suitable for both liquid and solid products.

Typical applications are stand up pouches, cold and hot fill food products, as well as microwavable pouches.

The system enables enhanced graphics while maintaining package integrity when hot or frozen filled.

It can be used for microwave pouches and withstands cooking temperatures over 275°F.

“We knew the system would have to deliver excellent bond strength at 24 hours (green bonds) and at 72 hours (aged bonds), enabling converters to compete with those using solvent-based inks,” says John Gaber, product director, packaging inks North America.

“In addition, the inks would need print high end graphics and work with multiple adhesives and films.”

“PremoLam F enables printers to use low volatile organic compounds inks to create high value solventless lamination packaging that was once only possible by using solvent-based inks,” he says.