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Americas: AOAC approves Neogen’s food pathogen test

The AOAC Research Institute has approved Neogen Corporation’s rapid and accurate test to definitively detect Listeria monocytogenes deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in food and environmental samples.

Neogen’s ANSR for Listeria monocytogenes detects L. monocytogenes after 10 minutes post-sample processing. It is an isothermal amplification reaction test method that exponentially amplifies the DNA of any target bacteria present in food and environmental samples to detectable levels.

“ANSR is the fastest DNA-definitive pathogen assay available…Compared to the three hours other methods such as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, take to produce DNA-level results, that’s a huge difference in a laboratory’s workflow, and the operations of a food producer as a whole,” said VP for food safety Ed Bradley.

Combined with ANSR’s single-step enrichment, Neogen’s new pathogen detection method for L. monocytogenes can provide definitive results in at least 17 hours for environmental samples from the time the sample is taken.

The new test also utilizes Neogen’s LESS Plus Medium, which can be autoclaved — allowing for larger batches of media to be prepared prior to use.

The approval covers the use of the ANSR system to detect L. monocytogenes in the following sample types: hot dogs, Mexican-style cheese, cantaloupe, guacamole, pasteurized liquid egg, sprout irrigation water, and sponge samples from stainless steel surfaces.

Neogen’s line of ANSR products also includes AOAC Research Institute-validated ANSR for Listeria and ANSR for Salmonella.