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Americas: Sirane’s packaging receives Kosher-certification


Sirane has received Kosher certification for a number of its oven and microwave-ready cooking solutions, thereby meeting all Jewish dietary law requirements.

The Kosher certificate, which is also valid for Passover, covers the company’s Sira-Cook, Sira-Cook Self-Seal, Sira-Cook Supreme, Sira-Cook Smart-Release, and Sira-Form ovenable dividers.

“As we are selling more and more food packaging solutions to international markets, Kosher certification was cropping up regularly,” says sales director Jeremy Haydn-Davies.

“While we don’t sell food, only packaging, customers still want to be sure that it meets their religious requirements, and so we’re pleased to offer Kosher certification.”

The Sira-Cook range offers oven/microwave and BBQ-ready cooking bags and materials.

Sira-Cook Self-Seal is an oven/microwave-ready steam-cooking bag for use over the counter and for takeaway as ‘a meal in a bag’.

Sira-Cook Supreme is an oven/BBQ bag, while Smart-Release offers multi-compartment steam-cooking.

Sirane’s Sira-Form ovenable dividers allow customers to segment ovenable packaging, such as C-PET trays in a retail environment.

The Kosher certificate was granted by the Badatz Igud Rabbonim KIR, one of the world’s largest Kosher certification organizations and accreditation that is globally accepted.