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Asia Pacific: Zebra serves IoT needs with WLAN portfolio, empowers partners


Zebra Technologies Corporation announced at its Global Partner Summit a new channel partner program and shared on its wireless local area network (WLAN) portfolio for the rapid adoption and deployment of Internet-of-Things (IoT).

The company renewed its channel partner program that offers training opportunities, co-branding assets, sales and technical webinars, as well as open channels for feedback, enabling them to better advise and engage with their customers.

“Businesses in Asia Pacific will continue to look to IoT solutions to address a variety of strategic, operational, and business challenges,” says Ryan Goh, VP and GM, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific.

“Zebra aims to provide them exceptional wireless network solutions that will serve as the glue that brings together the power of IoT-enabled devices for seamless and simplified operations for the enterprise.”

“Our experience in creating visibility solutions especially for the retail, transportation and logistics and manufacturing industries will solidify Zebra as the go-to partner for creating a smarter and more connected business world.”

By the end of this year, research firm IDC estimates that the world’s mobile workforce will reach 1.3 billion.

The same study shows that the biggest increase in mobile workers will be in Asia Pacific.

Affirming these findings, analyst firm Forrester showed that firms in Asia Pacific recognize the transformational role of IoT solutions — more than 85% of those surveyed in a 2014 Forrester study believe that IoT solutions will be the most strategic technology initiative for their organization in a decade.

Almost half of Asia Pacific companies surveyed already have WLAN technologies in place and see this technology as an important building block for IoT implementations.

Zebra recognizes how enterprises across vertical sectors in, retail and hospitality, transport and logistics, as well as manufacturing, will need to deliver optimum wireless network performance in response to the increasing need for seamless connectivity in the workplace.

Zebra is helping its partners maximize opportunities in an IoT- and mobility-ready Asia Pacific.

Its configured WLAN solutions and its broad portfolio of voice, data and video-enabled devices serve to optimize connectivity between devices and applications.