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Americas: Cognex launches technology for vision inspection

Cognex Corporation’s PatMax RedLine is a feature-location technology that reinvents the PatMax pattern-matching tool by maximizing speed and performance.

Available in the latest Cognex In-Sight Explorer software version 5.1, PatMax RedLine technology is optimized to run on these three new In-Sight vision systems:

– In-Sight 5705: A stand-alone 5MP vision system for inspection on high-speed production lines;

– In-Sight 8405: A small stand-alone 5MP vision system for applications that require a lightweight camera or have limited mounting space; and

– In-Sight 5705C: A stand-alone 5MP color vision system with advanced tools and true 24-bit color image filters.

Pattern matching represents the critical first step in most machine vision applications.

Because previous tools imposed certain speed limitations, many applications resorted to lower resolution cameras to keep pace with production lines.

PatMax RedLine technology performs faster on high-resolution vision systems, eliminating the tradeoff between speed and performance, and enabling customers to increase resolution and gain accuracy without sacrificing speed.

“Our customers have told us that they have an increasing need for color inspection and visualization of very small defects, even in a large field of view,” says Joerg Kuechen, VP and business unit manager, vision products.

“Conventional pattern-matching algorithms are too slow for these high-resolution applications, but now with the incredibly fast pattern matching of PatMax RedLine technology, our customers don’t have to compromise on performance.”

Like all In-Sight vision systems, these 5MP models are conveniently set up with In-Sight Explorer software.

The In-Sight Explorer spreadsheet view provides system configuration and handling of vision-application data.

A drag-and-drop vision tool palette and tool property sheets make the effort more intuitive.

The new systems also employ JavaScript to greatly simplify complex and data-intensive vision tasks.

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