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Americas: Chicken Waffle Burger debuts in the US


World Patent Marketing launches the Chicken Waffle Burger, a food invention that combines chicken and waffles into an easy to eat form factor.

“The fast food industry has grown from US$6 billion in 1970 to US$160 billion last year.” says Scott Cooper, CEO and creative director.

“This industry is still a large and diverse industry with plenty of opportunity for new and innovative ideas.”

Pilgrim’s is working to end its chicken operations’ use of antibiotics needed to fight human illnesses, responding to mounting concerns among US consumer groups and public-health officials that overuse of the products contributes to the spread of drug-resistant germs.

This year, Pilgrim’s marks one of the most aggressive timetables for reducing antibiotics use laid out by a US poultry company, spotlighting consumer pressures to curb the use of drugs that have been widely fed to poultry and livestock since the 1950s.

The Chicken Waffle Burger is a food invention comprising fried chicken sandwiched between two waffle pieces.

Consumers normally have to use a plate and a set of cutlery to eat either one of these dishes.

However, by combining the two into an easy to eat sandwich, the use of plates is eliminated and consumers can eat it using one hand.

“The Chicken Waffle Burger is not just a food invention that makes eating easier. It aims to revolutionize the fast food industry by offering a tried and tested meal with the added convenience of quick service,” says inventor Shavin R.

“The idea is not just tasty and convenient but is even easy to make which makes it ideal for fast food places to add to their menus.”