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Europe: Synerlink launches apsleever for multi-pack packaging


Synerlink has developed the apsleever to multi pack a range of products.

At five meters long, the apsleever is a single, standard module that can be added onto both form, fill, seal and form, fill lines, applying sleeve labels on both packs and unit cups.

The apsleever has been designed for line integration, offering an adaptable system which minimizes waste and product changeover time.

Cups are tracked from the filling process and label changes can be synchronized with product changeover in real time.

With this machine, manufacturers can begin production from undifferentiated packaging, saving both storage and labor costs.

The apsleever can process several types of film.

Producers may select their own preferred supplier, whose product will be tested on the machine and validated by Aprium.

Yogurts and milk-based desserts are delicate products that must not be over manipulated, turned upside down or overheated.

The apsleever can apply a sleeve label to all kinds of cup shapes without having to turn the cup upside down, and shrinks it in less than three seconds.