Home Insight Americas: Almond producer debuts product with Ampac’s QuickZip

Americas: Almond producer debuts product with Ampac’s QuickZip


Ampac introduces its first commercial stand-up pouch with almond producer Select Harvest, utilizing the QuickZip closure featuring the Aplix fastener system.

QuickZip is an alternative closure to the traditional press-to-close zipper.

It utilizes a zipper closure method with hook and loop technology that is easy to open and reseal for those that struggle with traditional closures.

It allows minimal pressure to close, has rigid grips to facilitate opening and does not require precise alignment of the zipper.

Additional features of the QuickZip closure include contaminant resistance.

The closure allows for numerous openings and closings and is excellent for dry product applications and readily seals through powders and fine particles.

Ampac’s QuickZip closure was recently launched commercially for Select Harvest’s rotogravure printed stand-up almond pouch.

Select Harvest uses the packaging to launch of its California Almonds in the retail market.

The pouch promotes a growing consumer trend of healthy snacking and addresses convenience, easy opening and the need for reclosability.