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Europe: DuPont Nutrition & Health release fives concepts for weight management


DuPont Nutrition & Health has unveiled five concept ideas, each enriched with Litesse polydextrose dietary fiber and SUPRO soy protein, for weight-conscious consumers who want to put hunger on hold.

“Industrial bakers have good reason to be optimistic about the consumer shift away from strict diet regimes,” says Jan Charles Hansen, principal bakery application specialist, DuPont Nutrition & Health in Braband, Denmark.

“With the right recipe, bakery snacks can be an obvious choice for consumers who want to manage their weight through their everyday lifestyleOriginal baked nutrition bar.”

Among the opportunities is an original concept for a baked nutrition bar.

Simple to produce on existing bakery equipment, the tray-baked cereal bar is rich in Litesse and SUPRO NUGGETS, a crispy combination of soy protein, barley, rice and oats that contains 60% vegetable protein and complements the cereal taste and texture.

The bars qualify for European Union-approved high protein and fiber claims and also contain Fructofin fructose, which supports long-term blood sugar stability.

Evidence from clinical studies

DuPont has participated in many of the clinical studies that have documented the satiating capability of polydextrose and soy protein.

Mechanisms are believed to include the slower release of energy in the blood stream and the stimulation of gut hormones, which send a signal to the appetite control center in the brain.

In addition to the baked nutrition bars, the company has developed inspirational concepts for filling breakfast biscuits, sweet muffins, wholemeal bread and soft white bread buns.