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Americas: H.B. Fuller introduces Sesame dry end tapes

H.B. Fuller Company’s Sesame dry end technology is the latest addition to its line of packaging solutions for corrugated boxes.

Sesame dry end products offer all the benefits of H.B. Fuller’s traditional Sesame tape products with the added benefit of running on the dry end of a corrugator.

“Our new technology provides a cost-effective method on the dry end for handle reinforcement, easy opening, closing applications and retail ready packaging,” said Peter Lockey, global business director.

“It provides great value to a business where packaging performance and efficient operations are key.”

H.B. Fuller’s Sesame dry end tapes combine fiber technology with hot melt adhesives to deliver a strong and durable packaging solution.

With the new technology, corrugated manufacturers can get the superior bond and super-clean opening typical of wet-end applications.

Applying the tape on the dry end offers additional benefits, such as greater efficiency and tape control.

Quick and easy set-ups and roll-to-roll splicing lead to minimized down time and waste.

Corrugated packaging protects products through the supply chain, and more and more companies are looking for continued brand representation on the shelf. Inadequate packaging can impact a brand’s image, generate a negative user experience and result in high packaging or product return costs.

Tests show 218% improvement in peel strength compared with a traditional PSA and 90% improvement in tensile strength.

In addition to strength, the ability to cut into this fiber-based solution provides a clean edge for great looking retail-ready product displays.