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Americas: PureCircle releases sustainability report


PureCircle has released a comprehensive sustainability report that highlights the impact that its vertically integrated supply chain has had on people and the planet.

“Our mission is to mainstream stevia as the next natural origin sweetener for food and beverage products,” said CEO Jordi Ferre.

The full report, which is available on the company’s website, includes an update on PureCircle’s existing sustainability goals and illustrates the significant strides it has made in reaching these goals.

It focuses on five key pillars within a sustainability framework that are rooted in the company’s beliefs and values:

• Environmental Impacts – illustrates PureCircle’s commitment to reducing stevia’s environmental footprint.

• Workplace Impacts – showcases how the effective management of staff is key to the company’s

• Community Impacts – reviews PureCircle’s support of a variety of national and international charitable

• Product Impacts – demonstrates how at each stage of the stevia growth and production process, the company’s utmost commitment to quality and safety

• Supply Chain Impacts – establishes innovation at all stages of the supply chain to insure PureCircle brings the best tasting stevia extracts to the world.