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World: Mauser facility opens in Turkey


Industrial packaging company Mauser Group has opened Mauser Turkey IBC in Gebze/Kocaeli.

Located adjacent to the company’s steel and plastic drum facility, the new site provides customers a more convenient location in Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East to source high quality composite intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

The new site Mauser Ambalaj can supply its customers with United Nation certified 1,000 liter IBCs for industrial liquids and ingredients.

It can also provide customers with reconditioned IBCs as either washed or rebottled units and IBC laundry service through its National Container Group organization.

Following the seamless installation of the IBC production line, first deliveries were shipped to customers in January 2015.

The new site is offering the entire range of the well-established SM IBC product family which consists of the SM 6 wooden pallet IBC, the SM 13 composite pallet IBC and the full plastic pallet SM 15 IBC.