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Europe: Tetra Pak release CIP guide online

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Tetra Pak has published a practical guide to cleaning in place (CIP).

CIP covers the range of mechanical and chemical processes used by food and beverage manufacturers to clean machines between production runs, without having to take them apart.

It plays a vital role in guaranteeing food safety, while maximizing plant efficiency by keeping downtime to a minimum.

Written for production and quality managers, technical engineers and equipment operators, the guide provides expert advice, explaining how to ensure quick, safe and efficient cleaning, whatever the type of food being produced.

It also explores how both cost and the impact on the environment can be minimized, showing ways to reduce water and detergent use in a variety of scenarios.

The guide is also a useful reference for research and development staff involved in the design of a new plant, new processing lines or a new recipe.

It covers the latest technologies, including the use of electrolyzed and ozonized water and intelligent sensors. Using Tetra Pak’s IntelliCIP 2.0 system as a practical example, it shows how such sensors allow cleaning to be based on actual need, rather than pre-set parameters.

“Best practice in CIP means more production uptime, reduced costs and greater efficiency, while ensuring food safety remains paramount throughout,” says Stefan Åkesson, manager, food safety and equipment safety.

“Over the lifetime of a production unit, this can result in savings in the tens of thousands of euros, which could be reinvested in newer technologies.”