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Asia Pacific: Flexco releases endless, food safe splicing solution

Flexco has added to its line of endless splicing solutions the Novitool Amigo for splicing monolithic belts.

The Amigo is a new concept in the joining of solid polyester and polyurethane conveyor belts that produces high-quality splices in a fast and safe manner.

The solution was engineered for precision belt splicing and features a contactless heating process that splices the belt in less than one minute.

The pre-heat function removes moisture from the belt ends, avoiding unwanted pinholes in the splices, that enables food hygiene measures.

Complete with an integrated belt cutter for operator safety, the Amigo produces straight cuts with the right amount of excess material needed for excess clash in the finished splice.

The interchangeable belt templates are designed to ensure precise pitch splicing across various monolithic belt manufacturer styles.

Another safety feature is the heat shield guard, which protects the operator from the contactless heat emitter, unlike the traditional hot wand.

The emitter brings the belt ends to the desired molten state, without contacting or disrupting the material.