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Europe: Dairy plant installs two Kliklok shrink-wrapping machines


Kliklok has won a contract to supply and install two QSSF600 shrink-wrapping machines at Gloucestershire-based Cotteswold Dairy site in Tewkesbury, UK.

The dairy plant had previously installed a filling equipment line, which required a higher speed packaging solution to run poly bottles of liquid milk, including 189ml, 500ml, and 1L and 2L variations.

As part of the new installation, the Kliklok team was also tasked with building a special lane diversion system, enabling Cotteswold’s new packaging line to wrap up to two bottle pack sizes at any one time, and four interchangeable sizes in total.

With the shrink-wrapper machines, Cotteswold Dairy can now pack up to 150 bottles a minute, whilst the machine’s advanced touch screen operating system ensures ease of use for the company’s engineering staff.

“The QSSF600 has provided us with more consistency than previously available and we’re already in talks with Kliklok regarding the installation of another shrink-wrapper at our factory,” said Simon Galpin, maintenance manager for Cotteswold Dairy.