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Americas: Fruit pieces Mini’s are available in Europe, US, says Taura Natural Ingredients


Taura Natural Ingredients’ Mini’s are available to manufacturers across Europe and the US.

As tiny as a grain of quinoa, Mini’s is a range of extremely small real fruit pieces developed to enable food manufacturers to add the benefits of real fruit to applications where it has not before been possible.

The company says there is an increasing demand across the world for very small real fruit pieces that are suitable for use in fine bakery and confectionery applications such as ultra-thin biscuits and premium thin chocolate tablets.

This increased demand can be attributed to health-conscious consumers seeking out indulgent products with fewer calories so they can enjoy snacking on treats without the guilt.

Mini’s are used as toppings on donuts and muffins and as inclusions in fruit and nut mixes.

They can be added as a fresh addition to frozen dairy beverages and desserts.

Their high fruit content means Mini’s are bursting with flavour, aroma, color and a have a soft, chewy texture – a set of benefits Taura Natural Ingredients has dubbed ‘F.A.C.T.’

The company is targeting Mini’s at a range of sectors including industrial food manufacturing, bakery and confectionery.

The small size and the consistency of the Mini’s pieces means that they travel easily through production equipment such as depositor nozzles and rollers, offering exceptional distribution.