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Americas: Probiotic company Probi receives US$2.1M order from US


Probi has secured its largest order to date, valued at MSEK 17 (US$2.1 million), from the US company NBTY.

Probi is to supply probiotic products that will be included in an already well-established consumer product.

In the US, demand for well documented probiotic products is considerable and the market has been growing by 20% plus over the last couple of years.

In 2014, Probi has experienced strong growth in the consumer healthcare business area, largely attributable to successful launches in the North American market.

Through its business partner, Viva 5, Probi has now secured its largest single order to date, worth MSEK 17, from NBTY for Probi’s

digestive and immune health products, which are to be delivered in early 2015.

As a comparison, Probi had sales of slightly more than MSEK 24 in the North American market during the first nine months of 2014.

Probi’s bacterial strains will be included in a product that is already sold through retailers in the US market under the Nature’s Bounty brand, and it is one of the six largest probiotic products in the Massretail market.

Its product brand will appear on the customer’s product as a seal of quality.

Euromonitor in 2014 estimated that the US probiotics market is worth around BUSD 1,2 with annual growth of more than 20%. Probiotics constitute the fastest growing segment in the dietary supplements market, driven by trends such as greater health awareness among US consumers and increased market investments in this category.