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Europe: Pallet manufacturer Cabka-IPS buys Eryplast


Eryplast’s plastic pallets will be distributed under the Cabka-IPS label due to an acquisition by the latter company.

Integrating Eryplast will expand Cabka- IPS ‘ product portfolio, particularly in the field of multi-use logistics pallets.

Its plastic recycling business will grow and the group’s recycling capacity will increase with the new location in Herstal, Belgium.

The merger will also be highly productive in geographical terms.

With a second location in Belgium, which is 220km from Cabka- IPS in Ypres, the group can also better serve the logistics-heavy Benelux region, the UK, and France.

The Cabka Group has taken on all Eryplast employees, bringing its total staff to approximately 470 people.