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Europe: BASF, Omya work on coat-ready barrier solutions

BASF and Omya are working on coater-ready barrier solutions for paper and cardboard packaging.

In future, this will provide a service for customers who for capacity and plant technology reasons cannot prepare formulations and mixtures independently.

Coater-ready solutions consist mainly of pigments, additives and functional barrier dispersions.

Under the agreement, BASF will supply barrier dispersions, while Omya will provide the pigments and experience to manufacture these products and produces them in its facilities.

With technical know-how and knowledge of the market, the two partners can ensure an optimal solution for the paper and cardboard packaging manufacturers.

Marketing will be carried out through the sales channels of Omya in Europe.

A first commercial product will be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Demand for barrier materials increases

The upcoming Mineral Oil Ordinance of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection or BMELV is increasing interest in water-based barrier solutions for paper and cardboard packaging.

BASF’s range of barrier solutions includes polymers applied by extrusion, coextrusion or lamination at converters (e.g. ecovio PS 1606 or Ultramid) as well as water-based dispersions used in paper finishing on coating machines and in printing processes (Epotal).

Through this cooperation, BASF’s portfolio is supplemented by this new coater-ready barrier formulation.

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