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Europe: GEW launches system to develop UV LED inks


GEW have launched a faster version of its light-emitting diode (LED) ultra violet (UV) curing lab system to support the research and development effort of UV LED ink manufacturers.

The Magic Carpet LED lab system makes the task of developing and testing new UV LED ink formulations easy, accurate and ergonomic.

It incorporates the same high performance LED curing module designed for full production printing and coating applications, so testing with this unit reflects genuine production scenarios.

The new version is now capable of a maximum curing power of 18W/cm² and speeds of up to 100m/min.

A sample tray, driven by a linear actuator, is passed under the UV array in a very precise, controlled and repeatable manner.

UV output and sample tray speed can be separately adjusted by set increments as required.

In addition to having a simple magnetic hinged sample tray, the unit can also accommodate an EIT radiometer to measure UV power.

The LED array is height adjustable between 5mm and 25mm to suit specific test items and scenarios.