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Asia Pacific: SATO launches global maintenance service for printers


SATO Online Services (SOS) is launched as a global service that utilizes a model to provide 24×7 connectivity and worldwide customer support.

The new service scheduled to launch in 2015 will ensure the stable performance of SATO’s cloud connected printers, and deliver business success to customers deploying SATO solutions.

SOS takes full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), a rapidly emerging product and service model that integrates devices with the Internet.

Utilizing IoT technologies, users can access a virtual customer engineer and real time monitoring of individual printers 24 hours a day.

By pinpointing potential issues in advance, the necessary maintenance can be carried out quickly, ensuring smooth operations and maximum efficiency for customers.

SATO Online Services will be deployed globally, offering tailored support anytime, anywhere.

For its new service, SATO leveraged Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and customer service management company.

“Today’s business environment requires both speed and agility,” said Kaz Matsuyama, president and CEO of SATO Holdings.

“To improve responsiveness, globalize our support structure and better understand customer needs, we looked to the cloud. Adopting IoT technology helps us to maximize value for customers and brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming the leader in the Auto-ID solutions industry worldwide.”