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Asia Pacific: GEA joins as partner in China’s Dairy Farming Institute


GEA Group joins Nestlé’s newly inaugurated Dairy Farming Institute in Shuangcheng in Northeast China (Heilongjiang Province) as designated partner for milking and hygiene.

The institute has the mission of helping to advance dairy farming practices and sustainably ensuring quality domestic milk supplies to meet the growing consumption of milk products.

GEA was chosen as an institute partner because of its vast and international experience in herd management, milking and hygiene concepts.

The company provides the training farms of the institute with milking equipment and hygiene products, including the services and the supplies.

It has also devised the standard operation procedures for the training farms.

The company will also support the training courses of the institute by providing training material and will also send trainers not just from China, but also from abroad.

From February 2015, 17 different courses about milking will be taught with direct involvement of the GEA Farm Technologies Academy.

“Training and supporting local farmers means investing long-term in a sustainable approach to building high quality milk supplies under modern standards of animal hygiene and food safety standards,” says CEO Juerg Oleas.

“We are glad we can make our contribution towards strengthening the domestic dairy industry in China, which will ultimately serve the dairy consumer.”