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Asia Pacific: Devondale Murray Goulburn relaunches milk product in China

Australia’s dairy foods company Devondale Murray Goulburn (MG) has relaunched its Devondale long life milk (ultra heat temperature [UHT]) in China.

The products are dressed in new bilingual metallic packaging and in sizes based on Chinese consumer research and feedback.

The range, which comes in 200ml and one liter, as well as associated family gift packs, reinforces the dairy co-operative’s intentions to maximise the opportunities gained by the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed on 17 November 2014.

MG’s exports accounted for more than 51% of its revenue in the previous financial year.

It exported export A$1.5 billion (US$1.3 billion), including more than A$200 million to China and Hong Kong in the form of infant nutrition, milk powder, cheese and drinking milk.

The UHT packs have a premium look and feel and feature a distinctive gold Devondale logo.

The relaunch and expansion of the Devondale UHT range in China is part of the farmer co-operative’s strategy to capture the value of the increasing demand by Asian consumers for safe, reliable dairy foods.

“We have our sights set firmly on high value growth markets, like China, where the demand for dairy foods is very strong well into the foreseeable future,” said MD Gary Helou.

“Our two strategic pillars are operational excellence and innovation. MG is already investing in its manufacturing footprint to provide world class dairy foods to China and southeast Asian consumers.”

“Our innovative new packaging enhances the product’s shelf appeal and is tailored to the local Chinese market based on extensive local customer insights.”

Labelled with ‘100% pure Australian milk’, the packaging features clear consumer messaging about the milk’s country of origin which appeals strongly to Chinese consumers.