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Europe: Naturex to present healthy ageing concepts at Hi Europe 2014


Naturex will showcase innovative natural food and beverage concepts that promote healthy ageing at Health Ingredients Europe 2014 from December 2 to 4 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The EU’s regulatory environment has caused many manufacturers to wonder if it is still possible to innovate with strong health claims.

The company says it will demonstrate that, with the right ingredient solutions, there remains enormous potential to create new products that offer older consumers fresh, exciting and effective choices while ensuring compliance with the rules.

It will highlight a new concept beverage targeting potentially harmful low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol.

The beverage contains a pectin obtained from a proprietary process that makes it possible to use it at higher dosages than conventional pectins without detrimentally affecting the texture of the finished product.

This means it is possible to fulfill the conditions of an approved Article 13.1 health claim relating to pectins, which states “helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels”.

The beverage also contains other ingredients that are strongly associated with cholesterol reduction: green tea extract rich in Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG and grape seed extract high in proantocyanidins.

It is designed to illustrate how companies can create products that give seniors new ways to manage their cholesterol levels.

In addition, Naturex will introduce a seafood soup concept containing iodine-rich kelp that offers cognitive performance benefits.

Iodine is approved for the claim “contributes to a normal cognitive function”.

The soup also contains Gingko biloba, which is linked with a beneficial effect on memory and cognitive functions, and Cereboost, Naturex’s clinically tested American Ginseng, which has been shown to improve the working memory and levels of alertness.

“In developed countries people are living longer, and the trend in developing countries is heading the same way. In fact, according to Mintel, within the next 40 years 20% of all consumers worldwide will be aged over 60,” says marketing manager Leslie Lannebere.

“This means there’s a fantastic opportunity to create products that are customised to meet the functional and nutritional needs of older people without compromising on taste and pleasure.”

“Cardiovascular health and cognitive performance are key concerns for seniors, and they are always keen to find new products that help them maintain their wellbeing in these areas.”