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Europe: Demand to increase for on-the-go dairy products in the UK, says report


The consumption of dairy products is increasing among British consumers, and children’s development remains a key growth driver.

In particular, there are opportunities to target busy parents with on-the-go dairy products such as milk and yogurt, says new report from Canadean.

UK consumers are increasing their demand for dairy products, and the overall UK dairy market volume will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.8% up to 2018.

Butter, milk and yogurt are the fastest rising categories.

British children consume milk at least 10 times a week

Many parents in the UK follow the official guidance that children up to the age of nine need calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamins from cow’s milk as part of their healthy development.

As such, the average British child is consuming milk at least 10 times a week and more than three tubs of yogurt a week.

“Both children and their parents are increasingly busy, with hectic schedules filled with extra-curricular activities and work. This means more convenient dairy products are needed to suit their busy lifestyles,” says analyst Raquel Perez-Lopez.

“Almost 5% of dairy products consumed by children and babies are selected because they are convenient. This might appear low, but equates to a £193 million (US$306.6 million) market.”

Drinkable yogurt popular for children, parents

Children are attracted to a product’s appearance, as well as how easy they are to consume.

Meanwhile, parents focus is often on the products’ health aspects.

Consequently, dairy companies need to provide bright, eye-catching designs that provide on-the-go convenience; while also highlighting the health benefits to appeal to parents.

Between 2013 and 2018 the demand for yogurt drinks in the UK will grow 30% faster than the demand for standard set yogurt.

Perez-Lopez says the category is suited for children’s lunchboxes.

There are also more opportunities lie in the milk category: “Sugar-free flavored milks in individual cartons also meet parents’ need to provide convenient health.”