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Europe: Krones supplies brewing lines, systems to brewery


Krones is supplying two brewing lines and the entire process engineering for yeast, the cold section and the cleaning technology, plus the process control system to Paulaner’s new brewery, which is currently taking shape on a 15-hectare site in the west of Munich.

The components were transported during six hours of the night as a special consignment with a convoy of four low-loaders, which will extend up to the end of January 2015, for Paulaner’s new brewery

“We’ve been manufacturing the vessels for the past four months – not exclusively, of course, because we’re been producing stuff for other clients in between as well – but we began work on Paulaner’s huge order in June,” says Bernd Bareither, product team leader for brewing vessel manufacture.

The two Pegasus C lauter tuns each hold 210,000 liters, and will in future constitute the heart of the brewhouse.

One day after the lauter tuns, four ShakesBeer mash kettles were delivered, to be followed in the next 14 days by wort coppers, whirlpools, product holding tanks and sour-wort tanks, some of which have already been packed and are waiting for dispatch on Steinecker’s premises.

At the beginning of November 2014, they will be installed in Paulaner’s new brewhouse, which is at present only a shell.

A crane will then have to lower the brewing vessels, weighing up to 20 tons, through circular openings in the ceiling, with a clearance of 10 cm.

The operator control level will be installed above this.

Krones is supplying to Paulaner Brewery the entire kit for two brewing lines, the yeast cellar, and integration of the fermentation and storage cellar, the filtration system, and the bright-beer tank cellar.

“In addition, this project features our Evoguard valve technology for no-leak switchovers,” explains Günter Baumeister, executive project manager turnkey projects.

“Full-coverage automation from the grain intake to the bottling hall is handled by our Botec F1 process control system, and our Route Control Tool ensures system dependability in the cellars.”

The tool uses preselected criteria to automatically identify the piping route it can use.

“Besides the components mentioned, we’re also supplying the entire piping for all the job sections involved, and are looking after the new brewery’s water treatment system, which utilizes a Krones Hydronomic featuring state-of-the-art membrane technology,” says Baumeister.

Throughout the entire new brewery, only the most energy-efficient and innovative kit is being used.

At its original premises, Paulaner was most recently brewing three million hectoliters of beer, while the production facility in Langwied has initially been dimensioned for an output of 3.5 million hectoliters.