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Europe: Arcil unveils new FFS machine for dairy products


Less than a year after it joined Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Arcil is launching a new generation of form/fill/seal (FFS) machines that results from a revised design method.

The project was brought to life within nine months that produced the A7, an equipment that brings maximum flexibility in desserts and fresh dairy products manufacturing.

Since the very early stage of the project, the A7 was assigned the task to retain the best of Arcil’s efficiency and hygiene in a modular, flexible and evolutive FFS machine with fully mastered design.

The aim was to offer an highly competitive equipment while reducing the delivery lead time that applies to the packaging lines usually designed by Arcil.

The A7 has been designed to allow on-site capacity and cup size adaptation, so that manufacturers can react quickly to new markets requirements and reduce the global downtime of their lines.

In 10 days, the line can for example evolve from 24 to 32 cups per stroke or process 63×63 mm cups instead of 48×48 mm ones.

The A7 is also prefitted to process any kind of plastics (polystyrene ,polylactide, polyethylene terepthalate or polypropylene) as the standard heating frame accepts up to nine pitches.

The system does not require to anticipate the need of additional dosing units, as a modular frame allows to easily extend the filling station when needed.