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World: KMC introduces starch to create white cheese

Consumers in the Middle East or Mediterranean know that the classic feta cheese or white cheese can be used in many applications, from salads to savory dishes and sweet bakery items. In other parts of the world, people want to add a new and exotic touch to their salads.

KMC recommends using CheeseMaker BL410 in combination with an analog or recombination process to make a firm and still creamy cost-effective white cheese alternative.

The recombination process is based on powdered ingredients and this will ensure a constant supply of ingredients with a stable quality.

In contrast to the traditional feta cheese production, the recombination process is not dependent on the supply of fresh milk, but uses ingredients with a long shelf life.

There is no excess whey to be discharged and seasonal variation in milk supply.

The company says the CheeseMaker BL410 starch solution produces a product with organoleptic characteristics, such as a firm appearance and creamy mouthfeel.

The starch can be added with water to the ultra-filtered milk to increase the yield.

The typical characteristics of a feta-style cheese are its white appearance and neutral taste, which is easily obtained as CheeseMaker BL410 is based on potato starch.