Home Countries World: Ishida presents packaging, weighing solutions at show in Cape Town

World: Ishida presents packaging, weighing solutions at show in Cape Town

At Propak Cape in October 2014, Ishida will show an integrated snacks packing line comprising multihead weigher, bagmaker and checkweigher; a high performance entry-level multihead weigher for dry food products; and a X-ray inspection system.

The Ishida snacks line on display uses the company’s iTPS software to support the integrated operation of an Ishida CCW-RV-214W multihead weigher, Atlas-124R bagmaker and DACS-W-012 checkweigher.

The RV is the company’s newest multihead weigher that delivers the highest levels of accuracy of any multihead weigher and, in addition to consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway, is now some 15% faster.

The Atlas bagmaker features a double rotary jaw motion and superior control technology to offer speeds of up to 250 bpm with accurate film registration and tight bag seals while minimizing raw material waste, film loss and downtime for film changes.

The 14 head Ishida CCW-SE-214 multihead weigher is used for dry applications such as snacks, confectionery, biscuits and pasta with a top speed of up to 100 packs per minute.

Besides being able to detect contaminants, the company’s X-ray technology can be used for quality control operations such as product grading by length, presence of clips, voids in product, product deformation, missing or damaged pieces, presence of bottle caps and fill-level control.

Recent pioneering applications have included detecting the absence of a wooden ice cream stick and assessing the maturity of cheese.

The IX-GA-4075 on display incorporates a self-learning Genetic Algorithm technology, which offers detection sensitivity and reliability, detecting impurities such as metal, glass, bones, shells, stones, hard rubber and plastic to 0.3 mm in size.

In addition, it can distinguish between ‘legitimate’ metal, such as clips or aluminum tins, while still monitoring and identifying unwanted items.

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