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Americas: Arla Foods Ingredients to present sports nutrition ingredients at US exhibition in October

Arla Foods Ingredients will present proteins for the sports nutrition and lifestyle categories at the Supply Side West exhibition from October 8 to 9, 2014 in Las Vegas, US.

The company will present Lacprodan HYDRO.365 whey protein hydrolysate, a dairy protein that is absorbed quickly by the body, resulting in significantly faster muscle recovery after exercise, cutting recovery time from days to hours and enabling elite athletes to compete at their best.

The ingredient is suitable for inclusion in sports nutrition products, including beverages, gels, bars, powders and tablets.

It is fully soluble, enabling manufacturers to create completely clear ready-to-drink sports nutrition beverages that will appeal to more consumers.

The ingredient is ultra heat temperature (UHT) stable, pH neutral and has a low bitterness profile.

In addition, the company will showcase Lacprodan DI-7017, a 100% whey protein concentrate that is UHT-stable, offers neutral pH and tastes good, enabling the development of long shelf life products designed for weight management and the increase of muscle mass.

The ingredient contains essential and branched chain amino acids that are scientifically proven to optimize the body’s muscle-building and satiety response mechanisms.

It offers a quicker digestion time than casein, and is suitable for use in a range of great-tasting food and beverage applications.