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Europe: Blendhub Corp opens facilities in Spain, India, Mexico for manufacturers to develop products


Blendhub Corp.’s Formulation Excellence Center is opening its facilities in Spain, India and Mexico for the use of other food enterprises, as if the facilities were their own, for the development of their products.

The new corporation, which includes the companies Premium Ingredients and Portable Powder Blending, is promoting a new business model based on transparency, for companies to develop open formulas, enjoy transparency in costs, have the possibility of acquiring the products’ intellectual property license, or to collaborate to improve their own formulations.

As part of the second option, Blendhub Corp. provides them with two research laboratories and two pilot plants for testing.

The Formulation Excellence Center of Blendhub Corp. specializes in the areas of cheeses, dairy products and beverages, equipped with technology to analyze the texture and stability of the powder blends or food products.

Their laboratories are located in Spain and Mexico, while disposing of two pilot plants with production capacity of powder blends and liquid injection in Spain and India.

These plants allow for producing on a large scale or in small quantities, to analyze the blend’s functionality.

In addition, both pilot plants are equipped with full IT systems that allow for remote control and data classification.

The company offers the clients requiring these services the possibility to use the facilities with their staff or with the support and advice of in-house technicians.