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Europe: Italian consumers look to ice cream in traditional flavors to ease work stress

Italian consumers are looking to the creamy texture of ice cream to help relax and unwind after a busy day at the office, according to a Canadean report entitled Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Italian Ice Cream Market.

Italians who feel stressed and fatigued after a hard day’s work are sure to have their moods uplifted after experiencing the creamy textures of traditional Italian ice cream.

The report found that 22.3% of ice cream consumption is led by the need for a comforting moment, to calm down and forget about the pressures of everyday life.

Consumers in Italy often look to restore their inner balance, with simple, yet tasty ice cream products which remind them of happy times and inspire childhood memories.

Traditional flavors over taste

Unlike other European countries, where the need for the tastiest treat drives the market, this trend only influences 14.5% of consumption in Italy.

Consumers look for ice creams in traditional flavors including; chocolate, hazelnut and coffee, which reduces the stress and acts as recuperation mechanism.

“To boost the competition in ice cream market, Italian manufacturers should produce innovative products targeting consumers who seek to relax. As an example, the Italian market should consider Ben & Jerry’s idea to produce ice cream infused with chamomile tea,” says analyst Joanne Hardman.

On-the-go ice cream will be in demand

Due to a growing urbanization in Italy, busy consumers will continue to enjoy their ice cream for a refreshing moment of relaxation and to escape from the pressures of their working life.

To adjust to this booming lifestyle, manufacturers should offer products in on-the-go style tubs with a spoon included, or cones with easy to dispose of wrapping, for consumers to enjoy while being on a break or after work.

“Retro and heritage brands will also gain success here, as more Italian consumers look for simple flavors and the creamiest textures to act as a pick-me-up treat and stress reliever,” says Hardman.