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Europe: Petainer presents webinar on polyethylene terephthalate kegs


Petainer will present the free webinar ‘Evolution of the Keg’ on September 10, 2014 at 3pm UK time/10am New York.

The online session will provide brewers and wine producers with a blueprint to assess their keg-fleet economics and offer suggestions to reduce capital expenditure.

The 90-minute online seminar will be presented by Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett, strategy director at Petainer, alongside key-note speaker Axel Hartwig, an independent beer consultant who has worked in close partnership with respected universities to undertake a wealth of testing on packaging for beer and wine.

“We’ll provide participants with a template that will enable them to run their business through a model, ultimately showing them the most appropriate packaging system for their needs,” said Hartwig.

“We’ll address the current challenges in the sector, with a focus on issues such as freight costs; loss of keg fleet; sustainability; recyclability; product innovation and ability to grow sales.”

“The webinar is an opportunity to better understand the options available and get a balanced view of polyethylene terephthalate kegs in the market. Ultimately we’re helping companies to make genuinely informed decisions around which sustainable packaging systems to choose,” says Hartman-Jemmett.