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Europe: Emballage 2014 expert team shares the future of packaging

The Pack Experts Committee of the international packaging exhibition Emballage 2014 continues to reflect on the packaging of tomorrow and its added value.

Having gathered for a working session facilitated by Annette Freidinger-Legay, exhibition consultant, the opinions of the committee members said the packaging of tomorrow will be increasingly smart.

The committee comsists of representatives from Charal, Coca-Cola Entreprise, Danone Research, Eco-Emballages, Fromageries Bel,  Groupe Carrefour, Guerlain, L’oreal, Mars Petcare France, Nestle, Pfizer Sante Familiale and Vente-Privee.Com.

They also noted that creating added value must serve the product, brand, users/consumers and society in general.

They said the packaging of tomorrow will not just be a container, but it will be used on the move, calibrated to the precise dose, adapted for the intended use, have reliable ergonomics that enable the product to be fully used and remind one when to use it.

The package will have no impact on waste management since it will be sorted and wholly designed from recycled materials and its components will be reduced throughout the supply chain.

The package will be designed to be safe and secure, inert as far as the contents are concerned, its entire life tracked, interactive, informative, educational, equipped with an information portal.

The packaging will enable 100% of the products packed to be used and optimum conservation of food to fight against waste.

It will ensure food safety and might even do without the cold chain.

An e-commerce package will be mechanically convertible, depending on the content, and reusable in everyday life.

In the near future, the packaging will become an information portal for the product, the packaging and its life cycle.

Depending on the wealth and precision of the information, consumers will be better informed and educated.

Eco-design can also generate added value, becoming a “shared value” in the sense of the circular economy.

The Pack Experts Committee aims to structure packaging to foster recyclability, making the separation and sorting process easier, and to use 100% recycled materials.

The idea is also to design packaging with a view to its reuse, thus acquiring the status of an object to keep and/or use again in daily life – to provide additional services and to slow down the process of becoming mere waste to be recycled.

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