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Europe: Pâté in resealable packaging

Greiner Packaging International develops a resealable barrier packaging for meat and fish pâté for Southeastern Europe markets.

“Previously, Patelina meat and fish pâtés were packaged in aluminum containers or cans. They had to be consumed very soon after opening the packaging. Our new packaging makes it possible to reseal, preserve, and enjoy it in several stages,” says Kenneth Boldog, head of division K at Greiner Packaging International.

The barrier packaging, which holds 90 grams of content, protects the product against oxidation and prevents it from drying out.

These properties are made possible through the use of plastic material combinations and production technology.

The cups are produced using thermoform technology and lids are produced through injection molding.

Pâté products

Patelina meat and fish pâtés are convenience products of the traditional Serbian brand, Neoplanta.

It is geared towards the needs of young adults or young families, especially in urban areas.

Patelina stands for refined taste, carefully chosen ingredients, and high quality, says the company.

There are currently eight types of pâté available: ham, salmon, liver, chicken, chicken with herbs, turkey, tuna, and tuna with corn.