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Europe: Essentra Packaging offers tape for resealable snack packs


Essentra Packaging’s Re:Close Tape is adding user-friendly reclosability to millions of packs of bagged snacks on-shelf in Europe, a new development which facilitates portion control as part of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Created in response to growing consumer demand, and durable enough to withstand repeated use, the tape allows consumers to keep the product in the original pack between uses.

It incorporates a large finger lift area that runs along both sides of its length, making it simple to lift the tape away from the pack.

Once opened, the pack can then be rolled down and sealed with the tape.

The company says this adds to convenience, retains branding in the home to encourage repeat purchase and can even enhance environmental credentials, by minimizing food waste caused by spillage or leaving a pack open.

The high impact, user-friendly design also features step-by-step instructions on how to use the reclosing functionality.

“Portion control is an important part of a responsible approach to customer health. At the same time, consumers view the ability to obtain several servings from one pack as an important indicator of value for money,” says Martin Dallas, MD of Essentra Specialist Technologies.

He adds the tape is easy to integrate using existing application equipment on multiple lines, without any impact on speed or runtime.

It forms part of Essentra Packaging’s Re:Think Fresh campaign, which focuses on the additional benefits to be gained from multifunctional packaging.