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Americas: MBI, DSM to exchange microorganisms for research, food security


Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI) and DSM Food Specialties (DSM) have signed a collaborative agreement involving early stage research of several biological active ingredients.

MBI is a global provider of bio-based pest management and plant health products and DSM is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of specialty ingredients for international food and beverage industries.

“As a globally operating company, we are exploring partnerships all around the world. Through our research and development network we came to know MBI a while ago and soon found synergies between the two companies,” Bibi Duyvesteyn from DSM tells Food News International.

Through the agreement, both companies aim to unlock the full potential of biological active ingredients to improve the critical end points — crop production and food safety — of the food supply chain.

MBI and DSM will exchange microorganisms from their libraries in order for their research teams to screen for biological activity in their specific areas of interest.

While DSM would be interested in applications for its food ingredients business, MBI would focus on applications for crop protection and plant health areas.

“For DSM specifically this means to look for new products that offer preservation and enzyme solutions for the food and beverage industry. The results of this screening process might lead to further development agreements being made with MBI thereafter,” says Duyvesteyn.

“We aim to provide solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible, so we can help our customers operate more sustainably while controlling pests, improving plant health, and increasing crop yields,” Julie Versman from Marrone Bio Innovations tells Food News International.

FNI marrone bio innovations cucumbers in greenhouse; left side treated with Regalia; right side untreated and showing powdery mildew (fungal disease)