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Europe: More consumers in France favor indulgent blends in breakfast cereals

Over a third of bakery and cereals consumption in France is motivated by the desire to indulge, meaning that it is vital for manufacturers to underline products’ sensory credentials, such as their superior taste, crunchiness, and indulgent fillings, according to Canadean report Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the French Bakery & Cereals Market.

It predicts innovations in ingredients, flavors and textures will fuel growth in cereals, with consumers eager to find new taste experiences.

Taste concerns are important for both genders; however women’s consumption is influenced by this factor 1.5 times as much as men’s, indicating women are more likely to trade-up for indulgent experiences.

“Even in categories traditionally seen as targeting healthy lifestyles, such as breakfast cereals, indulgence is by far the most important consumption motivator,” says analyst Veronika Zhupanova.

“To engage consumers in the fastest growing segment, manufacturers should innovate with novel fillings, such as combinations of sweet and savory, for example pomegranate and salty pistachio.”

“To enhance the indulgent experience, manufacturers can suggest pairing cereal with flavored milk, creating novel, rich tastes.”

Manufacturers should target older consumers

Older consumers are a key demographic for marketers to target, with those aged 55 and above being responsible for over a fifth of all bakery and cereals consumption occasions in France.

This group is heavily reliant on the sector, with more than half of consumption among those aged 55 and above resulting from eating bakery and cereals products at least eight times a day.

This age group’s proportion in French society will increase from 30.5% to 32.2% during 2013-2018, indicating their importance will only grow: it is vital for manufacturers to create products that meet their needs.

Breakfast cereals is the fastest growing category

In France, consumption volume of breakfast cereals is growing 2.4 times faster than the saturated bakery and cereals market.

Valued at €21 billion (US$28.6 billion) in 2013, the French bakery and cereals market is the slowest growing across major European countries.

While overall growth is low, breakfast cereals are fast increasing in popularity, with this growth being fueled by France’s aging population and their desire for indulgent cereal options.

In 2012, Earnest Eats released a range of “superfood” grain cereals featuring indulgent blends such as Asian with mango and green tea, American with cranberry and almonds, and Mayan with cocoa, pumpkin seeds and cashews.

The gourmet range will attract consumers seeking novel taste combinations, while the “100% natural claim” will enhance a perception of quality, says Canadean.