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Europe: Demand for ready-to-drink vegetable juices rises, says SIG Combibloc


SIG Combibloc has noticed a rising demand for vegetable juices due to a greater awareness of health by consumers.

“We’re seeing that the number of vegetable juices offered in our carton packs is increasing steadily. And today, manufacturers’ product portfolios include more than just popular classics such as tomato juice. Particularly in the vegetable juices segment, food manufacturers are flexing their creative muscles – and the market for it is there,” says Norman Gierow, Head of Global Market Segment Management.

“Current consumer studies, such as the ‘Global Consumer Survey 2013’ by Datamonitor Consumer, show that more than half of all consumers world-wide consciously try to eat as many vegetables as they can – however, at present 66% of men and 73% of women manage to eat some vegetables every day. There is still plenty of scope here. Drinking a top-quality juice is the easiest and quickest way to get your shot of vegetable goodness”.

In Poland, Maspex has brought out the Vega product range, under the Tymbark brand name. Vega products are vegetable juices, offered in combifitPremium 500ml with combiSwift screw cap.

“A 250ml glass of the vegetable juices is equivalent to two of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables an adult should eat every day. One of the Vega juices, Mediterranean Garden, has been awarded Product of the Year 2012 in the Beverages category by women’s magazine Pani Domu”.

From field to carton

In 2013, US-based food manufacturer Hirzel Canning Company & Farms launched two not-from-concentrate vegetable juices in carton packs from SIG Combibloc, under the brand name Dei Fratelli, thereby entering into the non-carbonated soft drinks market.

The non-from-concentrate juices are offered in Truly Tomato! and Truly Veggie! Varieties, which are made from tomatoes or vegetables and sea salt.

“These ready-to-drink vegetable juices are made from locally grown tomatoes that are processed and packed after harvesting. In this way, the best of the fresh flavour, the precious nutrients and the colour of the tomatoes are retained.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s Sunraysia manufactures ready-to-drink and conveniently packaged vegetable juices in carton packs.

The 100% vegetable content in the varieties Tomato Juice, Beetroot & Apple Juice and Carrot Juice are sold in the UK in the carton pack combifitMidi 750 ml with combiSwift screw cap.

In Thailand, Tipco F&B is producing a range of veggie juices that are aseptically filled in combiblocPremium 500 ml and 1,000 ml under its Tipco 100% brand.

The carton pack has a screw cap and can be securely re-closed after initial opening.

Depending on their acid content, the juices are pasteurised for a very short time, cooled to room temperature and then filled into the carton packs inside the aseptic filling machines from SIG Combibloc.

Using the aseptic process, the aromas, flavors, colors and nutrients of the not-from-concentrate juices are largely retained.

The packaged juice can then be kept for up to 12 months without refrigeration.