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Europe: Tetra Pak unveils new generation of heat exchanger for prepared food


Tetra Pak has unveiled Tetra Vertico, a new generation of heat exchanger unit.

Using a coiled mono-tube design instead of the traditional tubular and scrape heat exchangers, the equipment offers factories greater versatility and efficiency in heating and cooling a wide range of prepared food products.

“Tetra Vertico provides flexible and efficient processing solutions, while maintaining high standards of food safety and quality,” said Henrik Jönsson, global category director prepared food.

“It is suitable for a large variety of foods, with low or high viscosity, smooth or with particles.”

With the design of the coiled mono-tube and a higher pressure rating, the company said the equipment can deliver a number of advantages compared to traditional heat exchangers, including:

  • Greater processing capacity of high viscosity products.
  • Reduction in both system volumes and holding times by up to 20% (compared to concentric heat exchangers).
  • Reduction in product losses by up to 6% (compared to concentric heat exchangers).
  • Gentle mechanical treatment, making it suitable for foods with big particles
  • Certified by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

The unit is designed with hygiene standards and optimized cleaning-in-place and maintenance processes, leading to greater efficiency savings, in addition to higher quality standards.

Tetra Vertico is available worldwide and is backed by performance guarantees.