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Europe: Tetra Pak launches products for prepared foods production


Tetra Pak has launched products to support the processing of prepared foods, including fruit preparations, soups, sauces, baby food, tomato products, and desserts.

Processing tank

Tetra Albatch 1 is a processing tank for fruit preparation production and pre-treatment of foods before they are transferred to a continuous production process.

With a helix-shaped agitator with scraping blades, the tank ensures gentle treatment of the product, maintaining high particle integrity while ensuring even distribution.

The company says the unit is suitable for use at a range of temperatures and applicable for a wide variety of prepared foods, from high to low viscosity and including both smooth and particulate products.

The unit is a complement to Tetra Albatch, offering the same levels of quality, flexibility and ease of use, but at significantly lower cost.

Hygiene tank

Tetra Pak’s new high hygiene tank is designed to create a buffer to compensate for differences in capacity between pasteurizers and fillers.

Product quality and safety are maintained inside the tank, with sterile air flowing over the product to prevent contamination, separate inlets and outlets to minimize product retention time, and slow paddle-type agitation to protect particle integrity and ensure even distribution.

Infant formula unit

The Tetra Therm for infant formula unit incorporates a final ultra-heat treatment immediately before the product enters the spray dryer, which further reduces the level of microorganisms.

The unit features dual heating systems, extending run time by allowing it to continue to operate on one system while the second is being cleaned.

It allows infant formula lines to handle the full range of customers’ products and can be installed parallel to existing heat treatment units for added flexibility.

The company says these new products are now available worldwide and each unit is backed by performance guarantees.