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Europe: Krones celebrates long-serving staff in Neutraubling

Krones has honored 255 long-serving staff at its group headquarters in Neutraubling in 2013.

The company said a total of 255 employees at Krones’ facility in Neutraubling had stayed with the organization for a decade or more.

In addition, 17 Krones staff has worked in the company for 40 years, 147 employees for 25 years, and 91 have been on board for 10 years.

“40 years ago, Krones unveiled its first inspectors and fillers, and design-enhanced its labelers – the development of the high-speed station with oscillating aluminum pallets deserves special mention here,” said Group Employees’ Council chairman Werner Schrödl.

“A short time later, what was then a path-breaking innovation called the Krones BLOC – a mechanical concatenation of filler, closer and labeler – caused a considerable stir. 25 years ago, in the company’s ninth year as a stock corporation, the annual report stated: ‘The macro-economic environment of 1988 was characterized by the dynamic development of world trading.”

“At Krones, sales and earnings soared. The company was employing 3,900 people; the turnover rose to around 548 million deutschmarks ($381.5 million), i.e. about a tenth of Krones’ present-day turnover, and in the administrative departments computers were ushering in more streamlined work procedures, while in the production operations more and more CNC machines were being introduced.”

On the most recent decade, Executive Board chairman Volker Kronseder said: “This was a period characterized by a multitude of technical advances and global premieres. But at the same time, Krones never lost sight of soft factors like the issue of ‘sustainability’.”

In all, at its five German facilities this year, Krones honored 390 long-serving employees.

About 25 Krones staff could look back on forty years with the company, 236 have already clocked up 25 years with Krones, and 129 have been on board for 10 years now.