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Americas: Coca-Cola Consolidated, MUSC to raise awareness, promote health and wellness in South Carolina


As part of Coca-Cola Consolidated’s ongoing commitment to health and wellness, the company is expanding its partnership with South Carolina hospitals to encourage people to make beverage choices that fit their lifestyles.

“Coca-Cola Consolidated is excited to have a partnership with South Carolina hospitals to raise awareness and educate consumers around beverage choice and the importance of physical activity,” said Alison Patient, senior director of corporate affairs at Coca-Cola Consolidated.

“We are taking proactive steps to promote physical activity and ensure hospital employees, patients and family members can make beverage decisions that fit healthy lifestyles.”


As part of a collaborative beverage strategy, the company is introducing new messaging on beverage equipment in South Carolina hospitals to inform consumers they have “Lots of Choices. Calories Optional”.

In addition to traditional regular and zero-calorie soft drinks, consumers will be able to make beverages choices on juices, vitamin-fortified waters, regular and zero-calorie sports drinks, teas and purified water.

Through its Clear on Calories initiative, Coca-Cola Consolidated is providing calorie information on the front of every package.

Beverage equipment and dispensers will feature “health disks” informing consumers about zero or low calorie beverage options, and plans are being developed to partner with hospitals to promote nutrition education and physical activity programs for hospital employees.

“It is important for all consumers, in the health care setting and beyond to understand how each food and beverage they consume fits into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We don’t want to promote any particular choice but rather educate consumers and provide incentives through access, pricing and marketing to make the healthy choice the easy choice,” said Dr. Susan Johnson, director of Health Promotion at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

MUSC is a partner in the Working Well initiative and other programs to promote healthy and active lifestyles with Coca Cola consolidated.

One such program, the Cooking Well Invitational hosted by the South Carolina Hospital Association, sponsored by Sodexo and in partnership with the Culinary Institute of Charleston and MUSC brought hospital and business wellness professionals together to share strategies on preparing healthy and delicious food in their facilities.

The company is exploring other health and wellness partnerships with the hospital and throughout the Palmetto State.