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Asia Pacific: Novasep opens subsidiary in India


Novasep has opened Novasep Process Engineering Services PCT LTD in India, which is a part of its industrial biotech business unit.

The new office will enable the company to serve more closely industries in India producing functional and commodity food and feed ingredients, milk derivatives and bio-based chemicals.

Novasep’s expansion to Bangalore, India, comes at a time when India’s food and feed ingredients industries are experiencing fast growth.

It follows Novasep’s successful expansion of its team in China in 2012.

The company’s Indian subsidiary will provide expert local support to sugar mill operators in India to integrate Novasep’s optimized processes.

These processes enhance the quality of fine liquors, increase sugar production yields or competitively produce liquid sugar with Applexion ion exchange, a technology pioneered by Novasep and largely used in the food industry.

For the Indian dairy industry, the company will provide local expertise in developing cost-effective processes that guarantee the performance of:

• Whey demineralization using electro-dialysis reaching D50-70 whey grade or combined with Applexion ion exchange to reach D90 whey grade.

• Lactose purification with Applexion ion exchange and nano-filtration

• Production of crystalline lactose using Applexion SSMB chromatography

Novasep will continue to sell biopharma chromatography equipment and associated processes in India.

Novasep India will continue to collaborate with the Nilsan Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. team, which has represented Novasep in India for more than 20 years.

The latter company will remain the exclusive agent for Novasep for industrial biotech and biopharma purification processes and systems in India.