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Americas: Avery Dennison shares results in report

Avery Dennison Corporation has published its sustainability report on its website entitled Our Pursuit: More Innovative, More Sustainable, which adheres to Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and details the company’s progress in 2011 and 2012 toward its goals for environmental, social and financial sustainability.

The report states that Avery Dennison Corporation is working with its stakeholders to develop products and processes that help itself, its customers, suppliers and stakeholders reduce their environmental footprints, achieve socially responsible employment practices, and participate as a global corporate citizen in communities worldwide.

“Our vision is to help make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent — and to do so in ways that enhance the world we live in,” said Dean Scarborough, chairman, president and CEO.

“We’re making good progress toward our goals, but as we improve, we’re also discovering how much more we can contribute.”

During 2011 and 2012, the company:

• Diverted 80% of its manufacturing waste from landfills, with 68% of diverted waste recycled and 16% converted to fuel.

• Implemented modified product development processes that had helped the company meet customer requirements regarding restricted substances, human rights, product certifications and reduce environmental impact.

• Rolled out a responsible paper sourcing policy, and in 2013 launched a new portfolio of label materials that use Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper.

• Found its worldwide workplace safety results continued to be far better than the US general manufacturing average. Two-thirds of company-owned and -operated facilities were injury-free during this period.

• Participated in 160 customer audits of manufacturing facilities, with the average number of findings per audit declining by nearly two-thirds from 2010.

• Has more than tripled its investment in emerging markets between 2010 and 2012, donating a total of $2.2 million, through The Avery Dennison Foundation.

Scarborough noted that the company plans to set new long-term targets that will include goals for the sourcing and composition of its main materials – paper and petroleum-based resins and chemicals – in addition to higher goals for energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and workplace safety.

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