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Europe: TUV SUD set to report €2B in revenue, hires 1,200 staff in 2013


TUV SUD has employed 20,000 staff worldwide at the end of 2013, including 1,200 new hires.

“Since 2005, we have created at least 1,000 new jobs every year,” said Dr Axel Stepken, chairman of the Board of Management of TUV SUD AG.

The only exception was 2009, the year of the financial crisis, when the international services company created only 300 new jobs.

“We will continue to grow in 2014 and again welcome over 1,000 new members of staff to our company.”

The service provider’s positive development is driven by strong demand for its services.

In 2013, it is set to beat the previous year’s record, meeting its revenue target of around €2 billion ($2.76 billion; €1.82 billion in 2012).

“Our increasing international presence is the key driver of our growth, which is both organic and inorganic. In 2013, for example, we acquired eight companies in eight countries,” said Dr Matthias J. Rapp, CFO.

The largest acquisition was a company in Brazil that manages large-scale construction projects throughout Latin America.

Our strong international presence is also reflected in our headcount, with 47% of TUV SUD’s employees working abroad at present.”

A significant factor in TUV SUD’s sustained business success over the past several years lies in its strengthening of innovative business areas, such as its current services in the fields of electromobility, food safety and data security.

To ensure food safety throughout the world, TUV SUD has laboratory and certification services and has invested in its international laboratory network over the past 18 months, with food-safety laboratories in Brazil (2012) and Italy (2013) as the most recent acquisitions.

At present, the company has hundreds of employees providing testing, analysis and certification services for food products located globally.

“In 2014, we will focus on further expanding our laboratory network in Europe, Asia and Latin America,” said Dirk Eilers, member of the Board of Management.

Today, TUV SUD’s food specialists test fish and seafood around the globe against uniform standards and criteria.

This has been made possible through the intensive, global transfer of know-how and the integration of all food laboratories in the company’s network.

“TUV SUD’s experts accompany these food products from sea to shelf, also monitoring the entire transport chain,” said Eilers.